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Media and press personell can use this section to read the latest news from the American Dealer Group (ADG). Any major announcements will be published as self-contained write-ups. Please use the resources in this section to your benefit, we strive to support our media partners. If you have further needs please contact us directly.

Our media kit is also available. Included you'll find our logo in a vector format as well as a fact sheet PDF. Please follow our logo display guidelines as noted within the media kit. The fact sheet is a great tool, use it to explain who and what the ADG is to your readers ahead of any related articles.

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Development Director: Joe Hillman
Standard Dynamics
Phone: 952.888.7332

President: Chris Halliday
J.E. Halliday Sales, Inc.
Phone: 630.860.8600


Chris Halliday of J.E. Halliday Sales, Inc. is the acting president of ADG.

Vice President

Don Hershiser of Graphics IV in Florida is our standing vice president.


Ellen Barrett of Mid-State Litho in Michigan represents the ADG as it's treasurer.

Product Development

Joe Hillmann of Standard Dynamics is the ADG product development specialist. He acts as the liason for new presenters and partners.


Harriet Renzi of New York Printing Systems is the acting secretary of ADG. She will attend and record minutes of all meetings.

Chairman of Meeting

Al Hillmann of Standard Dynamics in Minneapolis, Minnesota is the chairman of our meetings. He keeps our meetings flowing and on topic.

Membership Chairman

Bryan Sachs of Precision Graphics in Wisconsin is our membership chair. His duties include fielding new applicants and presenting them to the group for admission.

Marketing Co-Chairmen

Our marketing plan is put in place by several members who all contribute to our marketing efforts.

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